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This man’s face

You can tell she has a Tumblr.

his face is my hero

there was a doctor at the end of this video who I wish with all my heart had more time to speak because he was about to lay down some serious stuff and was not having any of those idiots bullshit.

From the same video.

"It’s really hard to exercise." 

When TiTP meets reality and realizes there isn’t a ‘report’ or ‘block’ button outside of their echo chamber.

Honestly I’ll agree. For some people it can be hard. But that doesn’t make the facts and less…factual. It doesn’t make you any less fat, and it doesn’t magically make you healthy. 

Regardless of your reason there is always a way to at least stay healthy, and that’s important. You can love yourself and your fat all you want, you can rock it till the cows come home but when you die at 46 from your third heart attack or lose a foot you’ll think back and say ‘well fuck I wish a doctor questioned my health’. My mom is over weight due to taking pregnancy pills in the 80’s, which didn’t even work because her body was incapable of having a child (im adopted), when I was younger she was in alright shape but by middle school she was having knee problems, struggled to get up stairs, fell often and had a wheeze when breathing. She was in fact VERY unhealthy even if she didn’t LOOK unhealthy other than her size. She refused to see a doctor as her size didn’t bother her and she wondered why everyone cared so much. She was a married woman which a kid and a career who cared what size she was? Well it wasn’t until she had a double knee replacement and could hardly walk or heal that she took a step back and realized that looks have nothing to do with health. Fat is unhealthy, large amounts of it can kill.

Since my mom has lost tons of weight with mostly diet since she still struggles to do basic work outs. But she’s trying and getting there. 

You can cry and scream all you want but the doctor is going to tell you the truth. Just like they wouldn’t tell a dying man who has cancer that he is healthy  just to spare his feelings. 

If you’re happy fine, but don’t spread the message that it’s healthy to be grossly over weight, don’t live in la la land where being fat has nothing to do with your health. It’s just science. 

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